About the Board

Our Mission

The mission of the Youngwood Area Business Association is “ Bringing businesses together to empower and grow our community.”

Our Purpose

  • To advance the commercial, industrial, professional, cultural, and civic welfare of the Borough of Youngwood and surrounding area;
  • To encourage the growth and to protect the interests of existing industries and businesses while giving assistance to prospective firms or individuals seeking to locate in the area;
  • To unify the business owners in the Youngwood Area to ensure prosperity and civility in the
    community in which we operate.

Our Objective

  • To form an effective lobbying group to give business persons a means of expressing problems and ideas to the governing bodies and committees;
  • To familiarize business persons and companies with the latest developments concerning all aspects of changes and regulations in our community;
  • To enlighten and educate the business community with regard to business trends, procedures, and marketing techniques;
  • To study and develop coordinated advertising and public relations campaigns for the benefit of the local Youngwood businessperson;
  • To get to know the fellow business persons on a first name basis; to help each other when possible and to enhance each business in the Youngwood area.

Youngwood Area Business Association Bylaws
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